5 things to bear in mind when you start growing vegetables with kids

5 things to bear in mind when you start growing vegetables with kids


Mid June we are already, we are reaching the end of spring here in Kent, can you believe it! If you are new at growing vegetables, you might think it is too late to start for this growing season. Well, I have got some good news for you: it is not too late yet! There are lots of things you still can grow now. You have to be more careful though, there is less time for mistakes. Read on for some advice on growing vegetable with the kids this summer still.

5 things to bear in mind when you start growing vegetables with kids:

Growing Speed

Choose at least one or two types of vegetables to grow as quickly as possible. Kids  can run out of patience and enthusiasm quickly. The warmer weather will help the seeds to sprout more quickly as long as you keep them well moist. Examples of fast growers are: radishes,  spring onion, lettuces, carrots, peas and chard.


Choose something with a great chance of success. Some vegetables are more prone to pests than others. From the list above all are great. Chard is a little more prone to pests. Herbs are great, most bugs seem to be put off by their smell. The peas are more vulnerable to drought, but apart from that, they are pretty strong and you can eat both the peas and the delicate little sweet leaves.

Mind the growing calendar

Have a good look at a good growing calendar for you area to make sure your produce has time to mature before the weather cools down. Paddock Allotments has got a great one for the whole year, have a look at this month’s page if you are planning to start now.

Let them pick a vegetable for themselves

If you are planning to grow something with the kids, of course, they need to decide on what you are gowing as well. Let them pick a vegetable but try to pick one that fits the first three points as well to avoid later disappointment.

Grow some vegetables they don’t like

The kids don’t need to like all the vegetables they are growing. First of all it is as much fun to be able to proudly offer their homegrown produce to somebody else. Maybe even more importantly, this might just be the way they will start to enjoy it. They will have sown the seeds themselves, they will have waited for the seedlings to sprout, they will have looked after the plant: water it, pull of bugs, take away weeds,… All that care might just have caused enough curiosity to at least try a bit and even try to like it. It makes them so proud if they do!


That is it, I hope you will enjoy growing vegetables with the kids and hopefully end up with some great produce to enjoy!

If you want to read more on this subject you mind want to read this article I wrote about why we grow vegetables at home as well.





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4 thoughts on “5 things to bear in mind when you start growing vegetables with kids

  1. Thanks for the great post about planting a garden with kids. This was such a great way for me to get my daughter interested in veggies, she will try anything she grows herself! Keep up the good work 🙂

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