About Me

About Me


Welcome to my blog. It is so good to have you here!

Let me introduce myself to you:

I am a food loving Belgian mum of 3 and have been living in England since 2007. I lived in London for a few years before me and my family moved out of the lovely buzzing but crowded city into the beautiful Kent county.

As soon as we moved into our house in the countryside I started to grow vegetables. I love doing so and I love even more to do so with my kids. In the beginning, when they were little (my eldest was 1 when we moved), I didn’t get done very much. The kids definitely didn’t improve the efficiency, but it always has been great fun.


It is so lovely to be able to eat and share what you have grown together. Of course it is also a fantastic to teach children love for vegetables. All three our kids were good eaters, I read every book about weaning I could found and it all worked quite well. I enjoyed making all the purees and especially the finger food and watching the kids enjoying them.


When they got a big bigger though and their world broadened, I discovered it was a bit harder. The kids then are more exposed to food out of your control. At parties they get to know chocolate, sweets, crisps… A whole new ‘fantastic’ world of food opens up to them and there you are as parents, now teach them to love their vegetables and keep a healthy balanced diet. There’s a challenge! And that is what this blog is about: how to keep them to enjoy that good healthy balance.

Keep reading on how to use my blog for this purpose: About More Than Just Carrots

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