About More Than Just Carrots

About More Than Just Carrots

This blog is a report about how we get on with this challenge of fun healthy eating. We all really like carrots, but we want more, we want so much more variety, hence the name:

More than just carrots

More Than Just Carrots…

You will find healthy recipes for you to make with the kids in mind.  I am pretty sure you will like them as well, but so will the kids. I have three harsh little critics in the house and I never post a recipe my kids don’t like.  You will also find recipes for the kids to make themselves.  On the Recipe for Kids to make page, I try to write no more than needed and I add a lot more pictures to make the instructions easier to understand. You will also find some little maths challenges in those for who is keen.

As I like to talk about the subject a lot too, you will also find a page with posts about my thoughts and strategies about how and why to teach children to eat healthily in a happy way, that page is called Learning to Eat.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading the blog and I would love to hear from you, how does it work for you, are you enjoying to cook for the kids or is it a struggle? Maybe I can learn from you too!


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