Apricot and Cashew Energy Bites

Apricot and Cashew Energy Bites

Apricot and cashes energy balls

I first made these apricots and cashew energy bites last winter.  We had just one day where there was some snow here in Kent. It was rather pathetic, there was just a tiny little bit. Nevertheless, the kids were very excited and they were outside playing even before it was light. There was so little they used a hand brush and a dustpan to bring it together. They just managed to make a mini snowman!

Apricot and cashes energy balls

I was inspired by that little bit of snow to make these delicious little apricot and energy bites, they look just like little snowballs with that layer of coconut around them. It is another variation on the chocolate and figs energy bites and the nut free energy balls I made before. They are just like a sweet, when you or your kids need a little bit of push.

Sweet treat

I would typically give these apricot and cashew energy bites during a walk, just before swimming lessons, or just when they really need a little treat. I eat them after exercising or when I randomly go through the fridge and the cupboards looking for something sweet. It is a sweet based on natural ingredients but still a sweet.

Apricot and cashew energy bites

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Prep: Yield: 30


You'll Need...

  • 125 grams of cashew nuts
  • 50 grams of desiccated coconut and some extra for the coating
  • 125 grams of dried apricots
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds


  1. Bring the cashew nuts, the chia seeds and the desiccated coconut together in your food processor. Let it blend until the cashews are crushed to crumbles but not to flour.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix again until you get a sticky mixture.
  3. Now, you can roll this mixture into little balls, not too big, the size of a Belgian chocolate is perfect.
  4. Then roll these balls in some more dessicated coconut.
  5. If you find rolling the balls is too time consuming, press the mixture in something square or rectangular that fits in your fridge. Line it with baking paper or clingy film and press the mixture firmly and evenly in the box.
  6. Leave it to set for a few hours and then cut it into shapes, again the size of a Belgian chocolate.
  7. Roll into the desiccated coconut afterwards.

Additional Notes

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