Chocolate Day and recipe for homemade chocolate spread

Chocolate Day and recipe for homemade chocolate spread

Chocolate Day

Wednesday is Chocolate Day in our house, it has been for years now. We started the concept soon after my eldest two discovered the existence of chocolate. It soon became clear that we needed some sort of agreement or rule to limit the amount of chocolate that was consumed.  The second and even more important reason may have been to limit the discussions about how much they could have and when they it was appropriate to have some.

We worked out this lovely system that brings joy and peace to our kitchen! One meal a week, Wednesday at tea time, they (and myself as well…) are allowed as much chocolate, chocolate spread or chocolate sprinkles as they like. The only condition is that the amount chocolate that is eaten, is proportional with the amount of fruit that goes with it. So, we eat nothing else but bread, chocolate and fruit. For the rest of the week the chocolate stays in the cupboard.

Healthy Chocolate spread


When we just started this, the kids went totally mad, super excited, totally bonkers, completely nuts and the chocolate disappeared in no time! It was just great fun too, for me as well, I am the one who taught them the love for chocolate I am afraid, from within the womb. Now, they still look forward to it and they enjoy it, but it is a bit less crazy and the amount of chocolate they eat has come down as well. The other wonderful thing about this is that they never ask about chocolate on another day of the week. If they do, it is more meant as a joke, or they just try carefully, knowing what the answer will be, they don’t mind.

On days of chocolate overloads like Easter for example, they can go crazy on the day if they want to, but what is left is safely put aside and kept for the coming Chocolate Days, until it goes out of date of course…

Zelfgemaakte choco en fruit

Chocolate and fruit go together so well, everyone knows. Even the kids find chocolate spread and most chocolate too sweet when they have a lot of it. The fruit is just the perfect counteracter for it and they love having the fruit with it, they do eat pretty good portions of fruit on Chocolate Day.

The concept may seem limited at first: bread, chocolate and fruit. Experience learns though, there is a lot of room for variation, which I think is so important. For the fruit I try to buy what is in season and local if possible at all. Then you can choose to leave the fruit separate and for everyone tho choose the type of fruit they prefer or you can make a wonderful fruit salade with. In summer we sometimes simply share a big melon.  On days when the fruit bowl is empty or the fruit doesn’t look great we make smoothies.  We even have homemade sorbet to go with it sometimes when the fresh fruit just isn’t there and there is some fruit available in the freezer.

Chocolate spread

Bread isn’t just bread either is it? The type of bread depends on the type of flour I have in the house, the time I have had to bake it, or not. It can be normal bread, it can be wraps, it can be pita bread, anything is possible really.  It just hardly ever isn’t wholemeal. For some ideas look at the recipes for my sourdough bread and my wraps.

And chocolate, well, we are not so fussy about chocolate! I do prefer a good dark chocolate as it has less sugar and fat in them than white chocolate and milk chocolate. I just prefer the taste of  it as well, but the kids do like milk chocolate. The picture below shows you our standard favourite products:

Choco enzo

The jar without label is our homemade chocolate spread.  A while ago I started to make this regularly.  Provided you have some roasted hazelnuts ready, you have the chocolate spread ready very quickly. You don’t need any funny ingredients, just a good blender. It does still contain quite a lot of calories but apart from that it is not that bad for your health at all. Use a good quality honey, that means it is raw and unprocessed and raw cacao and you have a lovely good quality chocolate spread with lots of nutrients in it for you and your kids to enjoy.



First recipe:
Second recipe:

I have adapted the original recipe a little bit to make a bit more creamy, this is my favourite way to go at the moment, especially for the kids:



  1. Bring the roasted hazelnuts into your blender and blend them until you have a runny nut butter. This take between 5 to 10 minutes. It doesn’t work very well with raw nuts.
  2. Now add the honey and the cacao (and cream cheese of you use the second recipe) and blend those in to the nut butter.
  3. Add the milk spoon per spoon, that way you can decide how runny you want your spread. You could for example add 4 or 5 tablespoons instead of 3 if you would prefer to use it as a dip. It is lovely to dip some fruit kebabs in for example.
  4. Spread on a good slice of bread or toast, add lots of fruit and enjoy!

Zelfgemaakte choco

Zelfgemaakte choco 2

Zelfgemaakte choco

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