Delicious dried apple rings

Delicious dried apple rings

dried apple rings from More Than Just Carrots

These dried apple rings are too good to be truth. They are so easy to make and you don’t need the prettiest apples in the world to make them. They are perfect to make with some windfalls or the last ones left at the bottom of a big box.

We brought a big box of apples from my mum and dad’s apple trees. Many of them are nice enough to eat fresh. For the kids I do need to peel them because the skin doesn’t look as perfect and shiny as the ones from the shops.  That is easy to do and a small price to pay for absolutely organically homegrown apples. I have made a few apple cakes and I made apple sauce with them so far. I also cooked some apple slices and rings in the microwave to go on pancakes and on porridge. Quite a few went into the braised red cabbage as well.

Now I have also discovered these delicious dried apple rings.  They are so delicious and make a great snack, and not just for the kids. They would be lovely on a cheese platter with granny Wendy’s tomato chutney as well I imagine.

dried apple rings from More Than Just Carrots

If you have a dehydrator, that is probably the way to go for these dried apple rings, but if not, you can easily do it in the oven just the same. You put the oven on a very low temperature (under 100 degrees Celsius) and leave the apples in there for up to 5 hours. First they dry out and then they become crispy. If you leave them long enough, or you cut the slices thinner you get proper apple crisps.

If you cut them 5 mm (more or less) and leave them for 4 hours, you get dried apple rings and the thinnest rings may get crispy already. Cut thinner and leave for longer for apple crisps. You can keep these dried apple rings at least 5 days, but they are at their very best straight from the oven or the first few hours after they came out.



dried apple rings from More Than Just Carrots










Dried apple rings

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Prep: Cook: Yield: 250 gramsTotal:


You'll Need...

  • 1 kg apples
  • cinnamon
  • cooking spray
  • juice of half a lemon
  • 250 ml water


  1. Put the lemon juice and water in a little bowl.
  2. Wash and core the apples.
  3. Slice the first apple in 5 mm (approximately) slices
  4. As soon as you have sliced an apple bring the slices in the bowl with water and lemon juice.
  5. Leave them in there while you slice the next apple.
  6. Put the apple rings on a clean tea towel to dry briefly before moving them to the with baking paper lined oven tray.
  7. Go on apple by apple so they don't get the chance to get brown.
  8. Spray some cooking spray over the apples, turn them over and spray on the other side as well.
  9. Dust some cinnamon over the apples.
  10. Dehydrate in the oven on a very low temperature like 60 degrees Celsius.
  11. Open the oven regularly or leave open constantly to leave out the water damp.
  12. Leave in the oven for up to 5 hours. The longer you leave them te crispier they become.

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