Healthy fig and chocolate energy bites

Healthy fig and chocolate energy bites

Energy bites


These fig and chocolate energy bites are another idea for a healthy snack for you and your kids.  They have become a regular in our house. I have been making them for a while now and they still are very popular. They are a real treat, but in a healthy way. I usually hide them somewhere deep in the fridge to prevent them from being eaten all in one go!

Depending on how you finish them and present these energy bites, they can be a small and simple snack or you can make them into pretty chocolates that would sit beautifully in a box of Belgian chocolates. The fantastic thing about these of course, is that they are not really chocolates with sugar and cream or butter.  So at home we refer to them as ‘Chocolietjes’ which is our term for a healthy chocolate.


I love to finish them as pretty chocolates, that must be in my Belgian blood. I prefer them to eat them that way as well , rather than as just  a rough chunk or a big energy ball.  If you do finish them beautifully they make a lovely present. Most of my kids’ teachers have had them by now either for Christmas or end of year present. Those who haven’t, are bound to get them at some point…

Energy Bites


But they work perfectly as a quick snack out of the fridge or on the go. Because these are not real chocolates, but a healthy kind of treat, you can have them a bit more often. Not too much, because they do have lots of energy (read calories) in, just once in a while and definitely when you need a little boost.  When the kids feel a bit low, they may get one.  It even cheers them up knowing they will get one.  They often get one just before swimming lessons when I haven’t got a banana on hand.


Or in the picture below, my three kids were poorly at the same time.  This green smoothie with the energy bites just made them feel a tiny bit better!

Energy Bites

When I come across energy balls in the shops, they usually have dates for the base, that is very nice as well, but because I use dates fairly often as a sweetener already, I tried to use figs in this recipe. I have never gone back to the dates afterwards, because they work so well in these energy bites.

The hazelnuts I use in this recipe are roasted again, just because they are so deliciously crispy that way. You can read here more about how to roast hazelnuts. I love the crispyness in the energy bites, it reminds me of those little chocolates with rice krispies in them, but much better then of course!

Apart from the figs and the roasted hazelnuts, you just need some coconut oil, cacao powder, some honey and chia seeds.

Healthy fig and chocolate energy bites

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Prep: Yield: 25

You'll Need...

  • 100 grams roasted hazelnuts
  • 175 grams dried figs
  • 2 tbs chia seeds
  • 1 tbs coconut oil
  • 1 tbs honey (or maple syrup or agava syrup)
  • 1 heaped tablespoon raw cacao


  1. To roast the hazelnuts, spread them in an oven dish and put them in the oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees Celcius.
  2. Let the nuts cool down, you’ll hear the peels making a crispy sound while they cool down. When they are cool enough rub them between your hands to get the peels of.
  3. Place the nuts in your food processor and blend them until they are quite small but not quite flour yet, so they will stay crispy in your chocolates.
  4. Then cut the figs each in a few pieces and take of the dry woody bit at the top if it is there.
  5. Then add all the other ingredients and blend well until everything sticks together.
  6. Now line a box with baking paper. I use a sandwich box and I fill a square from about 14 by 14 cm.
  7. Move your mixture in your lined box and press it really thoroughly so it sticks well together and well into the corners.
  8. Close the box and place it into the fridge to set.
  9. When it is set, you can cut it into little squares or triangles as you prefer. I prefer them to be the size of a little chocolate from a box of Belgian chocolates. Think small.

Additional Notes

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