Healthy Mango Ice Cream

Healthy Mango Ice Cream

healthy mango ice cream

Can you believe this Summer? It is mid September and still ice cream weather!

Did you know you can make your own healthy ice cream at home? It is not difficult at all and you don’t need a fancy machine. All you need is a frozen food and a food processor strong enough to blend the frozen fruit. We used to do it with our little baby food processor. I have bought a simple sorbet maker now because we have been making fruit ice creams so often and that does make the job quicker and easier.

You can make ice cream with any kind of frozen fruit. You just have to make sure the pieces are not too big, otherwise your food processor (or sorbet maker) might struggle. For this recipe you will need some frozen banana pieces. Best use some very ripe ones with brown spots, because they are the sweetest.  Cut them it into little discs like in the picture below and put in the freezer for a few hours at least.

healthy mango ice cream

Frozen mango can be found in the freezers of the big super markets and our local farm shop sells them as well.

healthy mango ice cream

Healthy Mango Ice cream

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Prep: Yield: 500 ml


You'll Need...

  • 2 cups of frozen mango cubes
  • 1/2 of frozen pieces banana
  • 3 tbsp full fat coconut cream


  1. Bring a mix of frozen mango and banana into the food processor. Start with a little bit and see how your food processor gets on. You should first see the fruit change into crumbles. If that works fine, you can add the rest of the fruit.
  2. Now keep blending until the crumbles start to stick together again and the consistency of ice cream starts to appear.
  3. Add the coconut cream. If you open the can or carton, there often sits a solid part on the top and a liquid substance at the bottom. Just use the solid part.
  4. Keep blending until everything comes together nicely and the ice cream has got an even colour.
  5. If the ice cream has become too runny, you might need to pop it into the freezer just for a little while for it to become firmer again.

Additional Notes

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