Homemade Healthy Christmas Present

Homemade Healthy Christmas Present

Homemade Christmas Present


This is the Christmas present my two boys took into school last Christmas for their teacher. These boxes have three different types of healthy treats, no sugar and no butter but lots of oats, dried fruit, nuts and different types of vegetable oil. Of course there has to be some yummy honey in there as well.

Isn’t it great to be able to give something homemade? Even better if the kids can help to make them! These boxes are a great idea if you need a few presents. You make a batch of each treat and that fills up quite of few of these boxes. All three of these treats keep well, so you don’t need to leave it until the day just before to make them, the fresher the better, but a few days in the cupboard (or fridge for the energy bites) won’t do them any harm.


This is how it looks like when you open the box:

Homemade Christmas Present by More Than Just Carrots

Treat number 1:

On the left you can see the dried fig and chocolate energy bites, but presented like this they look like little Belgian chocolates, don’t you think? You can find the recipe for these right here.

Fig and chocolate energy bites by More Than Just Carrots


Treat number 2:

Coconut and oat biscuits from More Than Just Carrots

The second treat is our coconut and oats biscuit, still one of the favourite oats bars in our house. To make these, I started from a recipe for the New Zealand Aznac biscuits. I left out the sugar and the butter and kept the coconut.  There wasn’t that much left of the recipe, but it is very yummy as it is and it got quite a bit healthier. The recipe of this fairly crumbly biscuit is on the blog as well.


Treat number 3:

granola bar by More Than Just Carrots

The last treat in the box are my granola bars.  These are more than a little sweet, they are made up of nuts, oats, dried fruit and olive oil and they are quite filling. They are great to take on a long walk or pack them in a picnic or on a long car journey. They are less crumbly than the coconut and oat biscuit, so I prefer these on car journeys… The recipe lives right here.

Here are a few more ideas for your homemade Christmas treat box:


almond and berry cake
Cake of almond butter, dates and berries


Gingerbread men
Healthier Gingerbread Men


Coconut, almond and cashew biscuit
Coconut, almond and cashew biscuit


Banana and peanutbutter snack
Super simple and super delicious banana snack


Nut free energy balls
Nut free energy balls


Speculaas biscuit recipe for kids from More Than Just Carrots
Mysteriously spiced Speculaas biscuit



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