Learn to love tea with mulled apple juice.

Learn to love tea with mulled apple juice.

Mulled Apple Juice from More Than Just Carrots

Are you a tea lover?

Are you a tea drinker? If so, your kids are probably more likely to start drinking tea as well or will do soon. The process of brewing, the comfort of holding a warm cup and possibly the biscuit or little chocolate that goes with it, is just too appealing not to be noticed.

Mulled Apple Juice from More Than Just CarrotsI do like tea and it is that entire process of drinking tea that I love, not just the tea. This process usually happens in the evening, when the kids are in bed and we finally sit down. Unfortunately that means the kids have been missing out on most of this lovely process in our house.

That is just because I do like my coffee as well you see. First thing in the morning my husband and I have a cup of coffee and in the weekends another one in the afternoon. It is that afternoon one that I am trying to turn around now into a tea brewing and drinking process, with the kids.

When the kids have colds, or simply are cold, I always think it would be so nice if they could enjoy a good cup of caffeine free tea. It is just so lovely and comforting.  On top of that there are amazing health benefits is some teas as well.

I have been offering the kids several types of tea for a while now, but with very little success. They like to try and to brew it themselves, but they usually do not really like the actual taste of it.

Mulled Apple Juice as a start to love of tea

This mulled apple juice was the closest thing to tea that the kids did thoroughly enjoy! The first time I made it, I took it on a muddy winter walk in a flask and they all three did really like it. And so did the adults actually. It tastes very much like mulled cider, but it is free of alcohol of course.

So I am on a mission with this first success and hopefully this mulled apple juice is a start of a new general love for tea in our house.

Mulled Apple Juice

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Prep: Cook: Yield: 1 liter mulled apple juiceTotal:


You'll Need...

  • 1 litre of good quality apple juice
  • 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
  • 1/2 tsp ginger powder
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 orange
  • 3 flowers of cloves


  1. Pour the apple juice in a saucepan
  2. Add the spices,
  3. Cut the orange into wedges and add them to the sauce pan
  4. Bring the juice to boil and leave to simmer for about 5 minutes
  5. Pour and enjoy!

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