Pirate party: the healthy party food

Pirate party: the healthy party food

pirate ginger men

My 4 year old son had a pirate party this summer. He started of with the idea of a jungle party because of the theme of his new bedroom curtains, which would have been a bit more original, but he must have been influenced by what surrounded him already, other parties probably, I don’t know. A pirate party it was. In this post I want to show what homemade party food we served.

When we have a kids’  party at home, we always try to keep a good balance between healthy and homemade on the one hand and some of the absolute favourite treats of the birthday kid on the other hand. Something that is only allowed once in a while as very big exception. On the day, when it is time for the party food, I always take out the healthy food first. A good appetite and the peer pressure seem to help the kids to really endeavour the healthy stuff and the not so healthy treats automatically loose some of their appeal.

That happened again this time, I noticed they more or less had their tummies full up before I even started to bring out the treats, so most of it, quietly stayed in the cupboard! There was no need for it!

This is what the party tea looked like:

  • Bread rolls (brown and white), some with chocolate spread and some with cheese
  • Big bowl with fresh strawberries
  • Pirate ship of melon and grapes
  • Flourless chocolade cake with pirate skull and crossbones
  • Healthier appelcake
  • 1 big bag of crisps
  • Chocolate coins found in the treasure

Some more detail about the homemade treats:

The pirate melon ship


Pirate ship melon by More Than Just Carrots

This pirate ship was made from a Christmas melon or also called a Santa Clause melon. I am not sure why it is called that because it is harvested in Spain from mid-June to mid-July and that is exactly when I bought it.

You can also use an egg shaped water melon (did you know that shape actually is called an ‘ovoid’?, I just looked it up).

  1. Using a sharp knife, draw the line you will be cutting for the top edge of the ship. When you have gone al round, start cutting trough and take the top of. Try to keep the top whole, so you leave as much of the peel whole as possible. You will need to for the sails.
  2. Spoon out the seeds.
  3. If you have one of those little melon spoons, spoon out some more of the melon with that and make beautiful little melon balls.
  4. If you don’t have one, like I did, use a small teaspoon and try to make shapes as round as you can manage.
  5. Use the prettiest melon balls in a fruit salad with a mixture of grapes. They could represent canon balls. The not so round bits can go into another fruit salad for example.
  6. Also take of most of the fruit flesh of the top.
  7. Cut the skin of the top into sails, the best shape would be a trapezium.
  8. Use a strong skewer stick to stick the sails through. If you have more skin available, you can make an extra mast.
  9. I used a mini cup cake holder for the crows nest, you could put a pirate in there.
  10. You can also add a paper pirate flag with skull and cross bones.

Gingerbread pirates

For these gingerbread pirates, I used this gingerbread recipe I posted a while ago. I simply dressed them up slightly different, they each got a chocolate eye patch!

pirate ginger men

 Skull and crossbones chocolate cake

This is the flourless chocolate cake I have shared before with you as well. To save time on the day I used a shop bought icing in a little tube to draw that tricky picture and it was a bit runny. I will make my own next time and just get up half an hour earlier (still!) on the day.

pirate ginger men        pirate chocolate cake

Apple cake

The recipe for the apple cake is the easier and healthier version of apple cakes I make. I must share the less healthy and harder work one some time soon as well, I can’t possibly call it healthy or even healthier, but it sure does fit under a title of party food!


So to conclude, it was a great pirate party and the kids have enjoyed it without too much unhealthy sweets and rubbish in their tummies. Not a single child complained! It really is possible, they don’t need all that much sugar and salt to have a good party! You just need to put a little bit thought in it I guess and give them some credit.

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