Roasting hazelnuts or cobnuts

Roasting hazelnuts or cobnuts

Kleine handjes kunnen helpen

First of all roasted  hazelnuts are absolutely delicious, I love them as a quick snack. Second they are very nutritious; they especially contain a good portion of folic acid, which is  important before and during pregnancy but also for infants.  On top of all this, they also are fabulous ingredient for lots of recipes. They work great as a nut butter in many types of cakes, crushed in flap jacks, granola bars and in granola’s as well of course.  Last but not least, they work fantastic as base for a chocolate spread, as of course they do in a very famous brand of chocolate spread. You can find the recipe for our home made chocolate spread right here.

How do I roast the hazelnuts?

To roast the hazelnuts, you spread the raw nuts on a clean oven tray, or you line the tray with baking paper. Place them in the oven during 15 minutes on 180 ÂșC. After that time you take them out of the oven and let them cool down. After a little while you will hear a little rustling sound, that is when the peels are starting to crack. When the nuts have cooled down enough, you can the peels off by rubbing the nuts between your hands. Then pick the nuts out and separate them. This is a little bit time consuming, but a perfect little job for the kids to help with. If you are doing this to make a cake or to make chocolate spread they just might be a bit more willing to help and it is a perfect exercise to develop their fine motor skills.

I usually roast quite a big bunch in one go and put them in the cupboard in an airtight container. So I’ll have then ready next time I want to use them for my baking. They are a delicious snack on their own as well, so I need to keep them a little bit out of sight if I want to make sure there are some left when I need them…

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