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Welcome on More Than Just Carrots!

On this site you will find healthy recipes for recipes for kids because it is a report about how we cook and eat in our Belgian family in the UK.

This is our mission:

  • We try to cook as much as possible in a happy, fun and healthy way.
  • We go for homemade whenever possible
  • We like to involve the kids whenever we can with anything that has to do with food at every opportunity.
  • We try to cook with locally produced foods and seasonal products.
  • We try to keep the food miles limited.
  • We grow some of our own vegetables.

With all that in mind, we cook some classical Belgian dishes, some British, some trendy London food and some of the rest of the world as well! Read more about me and this blog on the About page or start looking for inspiration to cook and teach your kids happy healthy eating on the other pages.

Start to search the site now, articles and recipes are organised in the following way:

Click on the pictures below for an overview of each category.

Recipes for you to make

This is where most recipes live on my blog, these are recipes I make for the whole family, but especially with the kids in mind, trying to build a dish up healthily but just as they like it!


Recipes for the kids to cook

On this page you will find recipes for the kids to make, everything is described step by step and there are lots of pictures to help you on the way. Where appropriate you will find some explanation of the maths involved as wel.

Bread rolls

Learning to eat

On this page you will find articles about how we try to teach our kids to enjoy healthy food. Little tricks, big ideas and simple reports, but not recipes.

Taster Plate



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