Soup of the week: Chicken soup

Soup of the week: Chicken soup

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Before I started my soup challenge, I had never made chicken soup. When I was a kid I never liked any kind of soup with bits in, I did eat it when I had to, but not to my liking. I guess that is why I  simply supposed my kids wouldn’t like bits in their soup either.  In hindsight I don’t think that wasn’t great thinking. First of all, everyone is different,  times are different and I didn’t speak two languages by the age of three either!

So, that was the first reason I decided I wanted to make this soup. The second and even more important reason was that I had read that chicken soup is said to have a anti-viral working. It seems to help fight the flu and colds.  Originally it was a Jewish habit to eat chicken soup for this reason and chicken soup was even called the Jewish penicilline. It doesn’t claim to work preventative but it is said to relieve the symptoms.

Having acquired this new knowledge and then suddenly having three kids off sick at the same time, I decided it was the right time to try to make a good chicken soup. Unfortunately, when you have 3 poorly kids at home, there is very little time to experiment and spend hours in the kitchen.  So, it didn’t happen straight away, I only made the soup after I had recovered myself from looking after 3 poorly kids! They had even forgotten to have been sick at all. Consequently I can’t tell you about the antiviral working of the soup, I just like to believe it does, for next time.

Chicken soup doesn’t require more work than any other soup, provided you have roasted a chicken beforehand. I love a nicely roasted chicken for Sunday lunch, so the soup is a typical Monday dish. This is how you make it:


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