Soup of the week

Soup of the week


Did you know soup is something of all times?  It appears to be the case that even the cave people had soup in their time.  More than ten thousand years later, we still love soup.  These days people eat soup all over the world, it exists in numerous flavours and textures.

Soup can be made as a stock from meat, fish or vegetables. They may contain potatoes and even pasta (like tapioca and vermicelli), but usually the main ingredient is a mix of vegetables. That is exactly the reason why I like to make soup at home. It is an extra way of eating vegetables on top of the normal portions we have. It is also a way of learning to eat new vegetables as they come in a known form and concept which makes it easier to accept.

I like to eat soup with a bread based meal on cold days, it makes it a lot more tasteful and interesting and it adds a good portion of vegetables to the meal during a time when we are a bit off the salads. Another reason to have it with bread and not as an appetiser as we used to do when I was a kid, is that our kids’ tummies are not big enough yet to have soup first and then a plate full of the main meal. I prefer to spread the servings of vegetables over the day instead. And of course, it is so quick and easy, especially if you make a big bowl so you have enough for it to last a few days. Just take it out of the fridge, heat it, slice the bread, and there you are!

Soep van groente kool

Another major advantage of soup in my opinion, is that it gives some extra flexibility to try new things during the main meal. It is yet another reason not to serve carrots or beans or apple compote every day. Even if they don’t like the chicory or the Brussels sprouts the first 15 times I serve it, they would still have had their vegetables from their soup.

Before I started my ‘Soup of the week’ plan, I hadn’t experimented that much with soups. I usually kept it quite simple, I made red soup or green soup. I made sure I didn’t mix red and green too much because I thought the brownish colour that would result from that, wouldn’t be as attractive.  But I must say, the system didn’t work that well. There were two camps in the family, some liked red soup, others preferred the green one, and the longer I ran this two colour soup-system, the less willing they became to cross the line between the two.  I think my lack of variation in the soup made the kids limit their preference even more and they started to completely refuse ‘the other colour’ in the end. Things needed to change!

My kids had to learn to eat and like eating soup much better and to learn to appreciate a new variety of soups as well.  This was a huge challenge and to achieve  this change I decided to make a different soup every week and blog about it. I did that for 9 weeks. So in the coming 9 weeks I will post one new soup recipe, just to expand our usual set of recipes.

I hope this may give you some inspiration to teach your kids to enjoy soup more if necessary or just to spoil them with new things if that is what they like already. I am starting with a lovely kids’ favourite: tomato soup. Hopefully that is an easy start for the more picky eaters out there!

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