Sow, grow and eat: Pickled radishes

Sow, grow and eat: Pickled radishes


homegrown radishes

Radishes was the first thing we could harvest from our garden this year, it seems ages ago already now. Those first ones very gorgeous, beautifully shaped, very crispy and full of flavour. (You can find more about this on the second post about our vegetable garden here). After we had dug out and eaten most of the radishes we seemed to have lost interest a bit and the last plants were still standing there, a bit lost. The leaves were growing taller and taller, the first flowers even started to appear. So I said: ‘Stop! We mustn’t let these lovely radishes go to waste!’  I dug them up myself, washed them and cleaned them thoroughly.

This is how they looked then:

pickled radishes

Still not too bad I thought.  Because radishes are so easy and so quick to grow I thought it would be great to do more with them than just eat them raw and plain. Maybe I could make a chutney or something.  When I started looking for recipes though, I couldn’t find chutneys but lots of recipes for pickled and fermented radishes. Pickling vegetables is another way of getting more out of your homegrown vegetables or any local produce really. It extends Spring and Summer just that little bit.


When you let your vegetables ferment, those fantastic probitotics that make are bowels so happy, are formed.   To do fermenting you need to use water and salt. If you pickle, you use vinegar. The vinegar works as a preservative and the probiotics can’t form as they do in a fermenting process. It is easier though and safer when you don’t know much about fermenting because when fermenting you can get mould as well and you need to know what is good and what isn’t. So pickling is a good way to start I believe.  Maybe it can be a way to get used to the concept and prepare ourselves for fermenting afterwards?

pickled radishes

The somewhat peppery and spicy taste of the radishes is softened by the type of pickling I did here. It is much easier for kids to like as the sharpness sometimes puts them off. This recipe uses apple cider vinegar and some honey, it gives the radishes a slight sweet taste, the spiciness is softened and they are still very crispy. It is a big succes in our house, you can have them on their own, on a salad or simply with some lettuce. The pickle makes a great dressing, so you don’t need to make a separate one if you are having these radishes.

lettuce from the garden
Homegrown lettuce, obviously!

I used the recipe of the wonderful website Garden Therapy. You can find lots of ideas for your garden and recipes for your own produce on that sire.

Sow, grow and eat: Pickled radishes

From at

Prep: Yield: 250 grams


You'll Need...

  • 250 grams of radishes
  • 3/4 cup of water
  • 3/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 3 tbsp of honey
  • 2 cloves of garlic


  1. Thoroughly clean the radishes. You don't need perfectly beautiful radishes for this, just cut out what doesn't look right. They do need to be as fresh as possible because then they are the most crispy.
  2. Cut the radishes into this slices..
  3. Bring the water, the vinegar and the honey together in a pot and warm it up. Stir to mix everything together nicely.
  4. In the meantime put the radish slices in your clean jar(s).
  5. Now pour the hot mixture over the radishes. You may need to put a weight on the radishes to prevent them from floating above the top of the liquid. I used an upside down lid from a normal jar and filled the lid with some liquid to make it more heavy.
  6. Place in the fridge and start enjoying them after 24 hours.

Additional Notes

from More Than Just Carrots

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