Swedish Seed Crackers

Swedish Seed Crackers

Swedish crackers

I was so grateful to get this Swedish recipe from one of my mum friends.  Her husband is a diplomat and so they have been moving countries quite a lot. The previous country they lived in was Belgium funnily enough. I am proud to say that what she loved most about Belgium was the food! She noticed Belgians have very high standards of food and not just for special occasions, no they want this great quality food everyday and everywhere!

Before they enjoyed the Belgian cuisine, they lived in Sweden, a country she has  enjoyed living in very much as well.  When she talks about food in Sweden, it seems to be a lot of fish and pickled vegetables. Her reports about Swedish food, among other factors, inspired me to do some pickling and fermenting of food myself because of the probiotics in these types of food. I find it a very interesting process I want to learn more about.

But I will talk more about that later, because today I want to share with you the recipe she gave me for these amazing Swedish crackers.  Her son prefers savoury snacks and he absolutely loves these crackers. When I had only just tried them, I immediately knew I wanted to make them as well, they are just so delicious! If her son loved them, there was a good chance my kids would at least give them a go as well.

These crackers are very easy to make. You just might need to pop to the shops first, because you will need quite a lot of seeds to make them!

Swedish crackers

You probably know seeds contain lots of nutrients. Seeds grow into plants, that is why they contain all the building stones and they are all packed in those tiny seeds. When we eat these seeds we get all those nutrients in our bodies. Can you imagine how nutritious that makes these crackers made from little more than seeds?

They are great on their own as a savoury snack, or you can serve them with some lovely dip. My daughter prefers to spread them with some cream cheese and add some veggies on top as you can see here.
Swedish crackers Swedish crackers







Swedish Seed Crackers

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Prep: Cook: Yield: 30 crackersTotal:


You'll Need...

  • 200 grams sunflower seeds
  • 100 grams pumpkin seeds
  • 60 grams sesame seeds
  • 50 grams golden line seeds
  • 100 grams corn flour
  • 5 tbsp rapeseed oil
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 200 ml boiled water
  • some coarsely ground salt (optional)


  1. Preheat the oven on 150°Celsius.
  2. Bring all the dry ingredients together in a big bowl (seeds, salt and corn flour) and mix well.
  3. Add the oil and stir.
  4. Add the freshly boiled water and mix it all together really well.
  5. Spread half of the mixture on a with baking paper lined oven tray (my trays are 23 x 31 cm or 9 x 12 inch).
  6. Spread the rest on a second oven tray.
  7. Scatter a little bit of coarsely ground salt over the mixture if you like it a little bit more salty, but be careful not to use too much, 3 small turns with my grinder was plenty on one oven tray.
  8. Bake the crackers during 1 hour in the oven on 150°Celsius.
  9. When you get the oven trays out of the oven, you will have two gigantic crackers, let them cool down first.
  10. When they have cooled down, you can either cut them very carefully with a sharp finely toothed knife or you van simply break it into pieces. I prefer to break them as it is much faster, the taste is the same and the shapes are more interesting, but not regular...
  11. Store the crackers in an airtight container on room temperature, they will easily keep nice and crispy for a week.

Additional Notes

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