The number 1 reason why you want your kids to like tea

The number 1 reason why you want your kids to like tea

Girl with mint tea from More Than Just Carrots

Do your kids like tea?

Do your kids like tea? Or would you like them to, just like me? Mine are just starting to enjoy tea recently. Some days they can’t be bothered, but on other days, they are interested and keen to join in when the grown ups drink tea.

They are fairly keen when they have a cold or a sore throat, but I have another way to get them on board: I make a big fuss about it!

I announce afternoon tea as a big thing: We schedule a time and place for it, sit together next to the fire, we make the tea in a beautiful pot that usually doesn’t come out of the cupboard, we need biscuits of course and everybody gets a little job to put it all together. Oh, yes, they love having tea that way!

But why are we so eager for the kids to like tea?

Healthy kids drink tea, right? Yes, drinking the right type of tea really is good for us all according to some research. Nevertheless, the main reasonI would like them to really love tea, on top of those healthy benefits, is because of the moments it can create. I just love to make it into an entire ‘experience’!

“Put the kettle on” is just the beginning of a process, a process of making time to enjoy together.  Drinking tea properly is taking time and slowing down. It is also finding out about each other. Think of all the questions you might ask each other:

What type of tea do you prefer?

Which one is each one’s favourite mug? And where is it!?

How do you like it? Strong, not so strong?

Would you like a little drizzle of honey? Maybe a bit more…

Do you like it hot or not that hot?

You might want to add some milk, depending on the type of tea maybe?

Do you prefer a teabag or do you like having leaves and flowers in your cup?

Shall I read your future out of the remaining leaves???

Do you enjoy using an infuser or a little tea strainer?

What is you favourite tea biscuit? Or do you prefer a little chocolate maybe?


The magic goes on and on… Because this conversation was even only about the tea itself, surely it opens so many other subjects to discuss. Drinking tea does just brings people together! Isn’t it just lovely to do so as a family and being interested in each other?

It is finding out about each other and also learning from each other in the most pleasant way. That is  the real reason you want your kids to like tea! So that they can enjoy this kind of quality time, with you and with everybody else in their lives they enjoy spending time with.


Choosing a kid friendly tea

3 little cups with mint_tea-from more than just carrotsHerbal tea for kids from More Than Just Carrots


Now what kind of tea do kids like? In my experience, kids or beginning tea drinkers, like tea that has soft and gentle flavours, not so much the stronger ones. Red berry tea for example, seems to be too strong and acid.

In our family the kids have enjoyed:

  • Camomile tea
  • Mint tea
  • Redbush tea
  • Austrian herbal tea from Biohof in Austria (Frau Holle Tee)

I personally love Camomile tea most of all. The Austrian Frau Holle tea, kindly offered to us by a friend, has become the kids’ favourite one. It comes from a small farm ( in Austria and has a wide range of different herbs. Marshmallow leaves, lady’s mantel, bedstraw, verbena, marigold are only a few of them. It is very soft and seems to be a great flavour for starting tea drinkers.

What about you?

Do your kids like tea? Which are the favourite flavours in your house? I would love to hear how you experience drinking tea in your family. Do leave a comment, I am interested to find out!

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