Vegetable flowers table decoration

Vegetable flowers table decoration

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Vegetable flowers from More Than Just Carrots


Do you like pretty food? These vegetable flowers look stunning as center piece on a party table! What if you could tell everybody on the party you were the master chef behind these!!?

You can make one big bouquet or, even better, a few little ones spread over the table so every body can admire them and reach them to eat them!

You can simply scroll down or download a printable and summarised recipe card  Recipe Card Vegetable Flower Table Decorations.

What you will need:

Vegetable Flowers from More Than Just Carrots

This is the equipment you need:

  • Flower shaped cookie cutter, size of your cucumber
  • Vegetable cutting knife
  • Carrot peeler
  • Wooden skewer sticks
  • Glasses, glas smoothie bottles or proper little vase to put your bouquet in
  • Sharp scissors or garden clippers to cut the skewers to size

Ingredients for one little bouquet:

  • 3 white celery stalks
  • 1 thin carrot
  • 1/4 cucumber
  • 4 cherry tomatoes
  • 1 baby pepper
  • 1 tsp spreadable goats cheese or firm cream cheese


Are you ready? Hands washed? Long hair tied back? Chef hats on? Aprons on?

Make sure you have all the ingredients ready as well as the equipment you will need.

Now follow the pictures below, one by one and you will get there. Take your time, work carefully and ask for help when you get stuck. You can also print the instruction to make these vegetable flowers from the recipe below the pictures.

Here we go!

Vegetable flowers from More Than Just Carrots

Nearly there…

Vegetable Flowers from More Than Just Carrots

Now fit everything in your glass or vase. Try to hide the skewers behind the celery stalks, or just add them all together.  Our bouquet looked like this. How looks yours?? If you send me a picture of yours I will happily add it here, maybe we can make a pretty gallery here of vegetable flower bouquets? I can’t wait to see what you all created!

Now give them a good place on the party table and don’t forget to eat them! They don’t keep fresh as long as real flowers in a vase. The celery stalks taste great when dipped in some humous.

Have fun!

Vegetable Flowers from More Than Just Carrots

Vegetable flowers

From at

Cook: Yield: 1 little bouquet

Suitable from about 5 years and above

You'll Need...

  • 3 white celery stalks
  • 1 thin carrot
  • 1/4 cucumber
  • 4 cherry tomatoes
  • 1 baby pepper
  • 1 tbsp spreadable goats cheese or firm cream cheese


  1. Give the vegetables a good wash.
  2. Use the peeler to peel the carrot.
  3. Cut the cucumber into slices of 1/2 cm or about as thick as your fingers.
  4. Cut the baby pepper in slices of 1/2 cm (or as thick as your fingers).
  5. Use the cookie cutter to cut out flower shapes out of the cucumber slices.
  6. Cut the carrot in very thin slices. If they are too thick, they are heavy and won't stick well to the cucumber flower.
  7. Use some of the goats cheese or cream cheese to stick the carrot slice to the center of the cucumber flower.
  8. Now pick a skewer and carefully prick it into the cucumber flower.
  9. Cut he wooden skewers to different lengths: measure with your vase and let lengths vary slightly to shape your bouquet.
  10. Place the flower on stick in your vase.
  11. The outer stalks of a celery need some more work than the ones from the inside, but they are stronger as well, so make better stalks in the bouquet. They have some chewy threads on the outside. Try to cut into the celery stalk for a tiny bit and see if you can pull of some of the threads.
  12. Cut the celery stalks to matching lengths and add to the vase.
  13. Now get creative with the pepper circles and the cherry tomatoes to make more flowers. What can you come up with?

Additional Notes

from More Than Just Carrots

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